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Several months ago I heard about the Long ladies over at marie-madeline studio.  So I checked out their studio website and blog.  I was immediately blown away by the strong faith in Jesus that this family shows; it glows from their faces.   I was so impressed that I custom ordered their beautiful summer shade jumper.  When I opened up my package, the sweet note tucked inside made my day.

When I asked the Long ladies if they would oblige me by doing a little interview, they enthusiastically agreed:

 Why did you start marie-madeline studio and what is your vision for the store?

 Our main reason for starting marie-madeline was so we could do the things we love!  Our vision is to offer beautiful quality fabrics and custom made items for ladies and girls.

How did you come up with the name “marie-madeline studio”?

marie-madeline is named after our maternal great-grandmother, June Madeline, and our paternal grandmother, Shirley Marie.  We saw the names marie and madeline (spelled differently) hyphenated and loved it!

 Since there are five of you, how do you handle orders?

Mom~ oversees and assigns tasks + sews

Apphia~ drafts patterns and illustrates instructions + sews

Achaia~ fills most orders + sews

Abigail~ spends lots of time sewing!

Abiah~ photographs new fabrics and designs + sews

And of course, when we’re having a large sale, everyone pitches in and just fills orders!

 What is your favorite thing about sewing and sending orders to your customers?

Thinking of all the lovely things each customer can do with what they order!  We love seeing what our customers are doing with our fabrics and patterns!  We also enjoy seeing/hearing pictures and feedback from the ladies we sew for.

As followers of Jesus, how do you seek for that to flow out of your business?

We treat each customer as we’d want to be treated ourselves.  We also give 100% to satisfying our customers.  We don’t want to do anything that would bring dishonor to our Lord!

With that said, check out marie-madeline studio for patterns, fabrics, bags, aprons, clothing and more.  I normally I have a hard time finding modest, fun, and beautiful clothing.  Enter marie-madeline studio and that equals problem solved!  This is one store that I wholeheartedly recommend.

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