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Things my students say to me…

“How much money your shoes?”

“You are no 100 old.”

“Teacher! You are so beautiful!” (whispered in my ear)

“Sooooooo yummy!”

“I like to eat pizza.”

“Teacher, your nose is so big and has freckles!”

“I am monkey.” (yes, you can climb like one!)

“It’s wonderful!”

“Your hair is brown, teacher!  And wavy!  I want to touch!” (and so many hands appear)

“I love you!”

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Pouring in the liquid contents of the bottle, I smiled in satisfaction.  Finally I would be able to wear and use these items – I was dying them a dark navy blue, to cover the previous colors and stains.

I took a quick glance at the instructions to make sure I was doing everything right.  I didn’t really need them.  In fact, I usually don’t read those kind of things anyway.  But this was important – I was dying two bags, two shirts, and a skirt.  I definitely wanted to do this right.

I peered into the washer and noted the dark blue color.  Perfect.  I closed the washer lid and went about my other tasks.

Awhile later I heard the washer stop and walked over to get the clothes out and put them in the dryer.  I opened the lid.

I jumped.

I shrieked.

And looked again, hoping that I wasn’t seeing clearly.  It didn’t change the color of my clothing.  They were a light purple!

“Mom!  C’mere and look at this!  What on earth happened?”

Mama wisely said little and read the instructions on the bottle.  “Dear, for this amount of fabric, you have to use two bottles.  It says it right here.”

I groaned,  “This would happen to me.”

My little sister quickly added, “Because you’re definitely Joanna!”

{P.S.  I’m kinda starting to like the purple…I guess it grows on ya}

The End.

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snippets of Texas

{I arrived here in Texas Tuesday afternoon and thought I’d share a few snippets from my time at my friends’ house…}

  • contacts can fog up coming out of a restuarant
  • watching 10 kids in a pool (mostly boys, too) involves a lot of splashing, yelling, noodle whipping, jumping, and pushing
  • you’re supposed to eat ribs with your hands…how was I to know?
  • ice must be placed in your washer (or the water will be too warm)
  • a lady at the store kindly calls you “doll”
  • note to self:  when cooking sarmale (Hungarian/Romanian cabbage roll dish) with a friend make sure she puts in black pepper, not cayenne pepper
  • drink water, water, water
  • everything really is bigger in Texas – I’m beginning to think that saying is actually true!

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{I simply had to share some of the hilarious things kids have said in the

past few months…I gave up trying to keep a straight face!}

on people…

~ “Are people the same thing as humans?”

~ Very seriously and sincerely, “Mamas feed their babies milk – BUTTERMILK!”

~ “I don’t want to get married.  They smooooch.  I don’t like smooching.  They all smooch!”

~ one boy thinking he was right in quoting, “Greater love hath no man than he lay down his wife for his friends.”

 on manners and character…

~ A 5-year-old stated (during our pretend restaurant), “And I do not want my restaurant wrecked by rude people.”

~ “Yeah, a little help from a little person.”

~ “I do NOT think you should tell secrets – that’s why they’re called secrets!”

~ “What would you like, sir?” (asking Joanna!)

on time…

~ A little toddler friend of mine announced, “I’ll be there in…60 seconds, which equals one minute.”

on money…

~ Lily:  “I imagine if there was no money.”

Joanna:  “What would you do if there was no money?”

 Lily:  “Hang around, play in the bushes.”

 Victoria:  “What do you know about money?”

 Lily:  “I don’t know, I just give it to the church.”

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“If I was Jonah, I’d pull open the fish’s mouth and climb out!”

 “You must let your enemy hit you 70×70.”

“Wisdom is putting knowledge and destruction together to make good choices in life!” (he meant INstruction)

“I need something cold, concluding ice.”

“I learned that I should NEVER ask Jesus to throw me overboard, because then a fish would come and swallow me up!”  (yes, I had to clarify Jonah’s story after this)

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my new friend

I have a new friend. 

His name is Herbie Larry Harmful (first-middle-middle name).

And he’s not at all what I expected.  This morning he was wearing a knit cap and it looked quite hansdome on him.  He’s really short – three feet, actually.  And rather round and black. 

Did I mention he’s 5 years old?

And he’s a pain in the leg!

But I’m glad to have him with me, because although he is painful, he’s also very helpful.

Ja, you probably figured it out by now. 

I hate to break it to you, but he’s a foam roller for my ITB (illio tibial band) in my leg.

The End.

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