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Things my students say to me…

“How much money your shoes?”

“You are no 100 old.”

“Teacher! You are so beautiful!” (whispered in my ear)

“Sooooooo yummy!”

“I like to eat pizza.”

“Teacher, your nose is so big and has freckles!”

“I am monkey.” (yes, you can climb like one!)

“It’s wonderful!”

“Your hair is brown, teacher!  And wavy!  I want to touch!” (and so many hands appear)

“I love you!”

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Oh Jimmy.  A white scar can be seen on the back of your head.  Did you get that from the man who is supposed to be your protector and hero?

And that day when you wanted our attention so bad that you purposely went out and cut yourself, then happily announced to the teachers that you were bleeding?  Oh how I hurt for you then.

You act all tough and rough, but God has shown me right into that little boy aching heart of yours.  It is bleeding for love, attention, care, someone reaching out with ready arms.  And it seems you will do anything to find that.

Where will you be in ten years?  I pray it’s not in a gang, not in the streets, not in an idol parade with the mafia.

I pray you are found in your Heavenly Father’s deep, deep love.  That you are secure in Him, because He is nothing like the earthly father who abuses you.  I may not have been able to say aloud the name  of Jesus in my classroom, but I pray that God will do what I cannot and draw you to Himself.  That He will take all those scars and turn them into marks that remind you of His crazy, amazing love.

I can’t do it for you.

But He can!

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Thank You, Lord, for these gifts…

1191. hearing “Come Thou Fount” in Mandarin

1192. beach day

1193. a student turning around, looking at me, and saying “Teacher Joanna!”.  And giving me the biggest smile.

1194. x-rays, so I know it is not fractured

1195. the ocean

photo 2

1196. charades

1197. bicycles

1198. getting the thumbs up after asking students how their soccer game went

1199. friends coming to visit for the weekend and laughing a lot

1200. communion at my Taiwanese church

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More gifts God gives me each day…

1176. adventure

1177. getting my kids’ autographs

1178. a day at the fisherman’s wharf


1179. kiddo hugs

1180. hearing laughter from little folks

1181. trying new foods…and not knowing what I am eating half of the time

1182. skype dates with family and friends…even when the connection cuts out every two minutes

1183. being immersed in another culture

1184. a taste of home – pizza!

1185. visiting historic places with a sweet friend


1186. my students experiencing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the first time

1187. fresh watermelon juice

1188. singing a song in Mandarin

1189. my student whispering in my ear “Teacher, you are so beautiful.”

1190. seeing God work

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Continuing to count the blessings God gives me, whether big or small…

1166. palm trees

1167. friends who welcome me, feed me, love me

1168. meeting a missionary who has been here in Taiwan for 24 years

1169. dumplings


1170. listening to worship songs

1171. actually understanding some of the Mandarin I hear

1172. big smiles on my students’ faces

1173. the ocean!

1174. a thank you note from my students


1175. seeing village kids share what Easter is all about

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Some of my ramblings of late and what God is doing…

* I just had to share this photo (above).  My sister took it and designed it.  Yes, the Gospel is such Good News and powerful!  So grateful!

* For several Christmas presents last year (2012, that is), I went to Iris Trinkets, an online store run by my friend Krista Rodriguez.  Krista and I have the pleasure of working together on Bloom! and I was so excited when she opened her store.  Filled with all kinds of handmade delights – earrings, scarves, necklaces and such, Iris Trinkets is the place to shop if you like made by hand and unique!  I highly recommend her store!  So go ahead and take a look around.

* And yes, it’s been awhile since I have posted anything else on here but My Multitude Mondays and book reviews…but I have plenty of good excuses!

* Eva Abdullah, a follower of Christ in Tanzania, was released from prison!  This seventeen year old has gone through a lot but has remained strong in her faith.  Praise God!

* I’m working right now and waiting on the Lord for the next step…we’ll see what He has in mind!  All I know is that it’s in His hands and He sure loves to take me on adventures!

* Lastly, just because I love to and just because I can – I’m doing a giveaway.  Details below:

How to enter:  Share one song that was meaningful to you in 2012 and why it was special to you.

The what: If your name is drawn, you have the choice of one of the following books:

Only one entry per household, please.  All entries will be literally placed in a hat and and one entry will be randomly drawn.  Due to postage costs, open to US residents only (but feel free to comment anyway if you’d like).  Giveaway will close comments at midnight on February 5. Enjoy!

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